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1st A.K.A Pretty Girl wants to know “Why You Lying”

We all have that one friend that lies about everything. They got the new this, and they’re doing the new thing, or they’re on a new wave. Don’t you wish you can had a lie detector test on you at all times?

Although you can instantly detect when someone is lying to you. Don’t you wish you can call that person out on the lies they tell? Look no more, femcee 1st a.k.a Pretty Girl, is doing the job for you.

The pretty girl they call 1st shows you that anything men can do beautiful girls can do even better. The femcee is calling the bluff of anybody and every girl out on their bullS**t lies. Displaying the boom bap lyrics and 90’s choice or beat selection gives you that old-block feel when it comes on.

Bars over pretty is her slogan and shes committed to showing that in every song she releases. With a seductive voice but full of aggression. Lil Kim will be an artist that I say influences her flow. This Brooklyn representative is on her bully, and she is claiming hers and exposing frauds. Gang squad is popping on that gang shit. 1st shows she’s with it on any occasion.

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