Prime Society links with Kidd Friendly in this new exciting video. Sensei takes modern “Mumble rap” production and puts a real rap twist to it. This catchy track is also a family affair with brothers J. Reid and Infin8 along with brothers A2da$ and Kidd Friendly manning the track. Prime Society’s new project “Buck Teeth” releases December 6th.

Prime Society is a hip-hop group centered in Phoenix, Arizona since 2017. The group’s core consists of brothers Infin8 and J. Reid as well as artistic director and vocalist Shy. Infin8 and J. Reid have been devoted to their love of music since their early days performing a variety of instruments at their father’s church. In the same city, Shy was also a vocalist in his church choir from a young age.

The groups members have sustained a commitment to improving their musical knowledge throughout their lives. J. Reid, inspired by his passion as a guitarist went on to college to study music in 2014 and would later meet Shy through mutual friends. After discovering Shy sang as a hobby and also had experience singing in his church, J. Reid brought him along to create a different sound in the group.

In addition to Shy being a vocalist, he’s also taken over the role of artistic director for the group by handling cover art, merchandise, and contributing to the overall image of the group. They have structured their group to reflect this deep understanding of music.


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