Private Party Looks To Kyddiekafka For The Lush Sounds Of Coalesce | @PrivteParty |



With just over a year of collaboration, the Los Angeles-based duo Private Party releases their second major project, Coalesce –

More than just a duo, Private Party is a partnership between two friends who are committed to music and working on their craft. Made up of Devin Scott & Drey Mims, the two moved from Arizona to LA to pursue music and focus on furthering their stake in the game. In that time, they dropped many singles and their debut project “Remember These Times”.

 Just recently, the pair dropped their next audio treat, “Coalesce”. As the title fits, the pair twist different sounds showing growth and adaptability. Produced exclusively by Kyddiekafka with no features, Coalesce is their defining moment before the storm. Listen to Private Party‘s latest down below.