Producers (Beat Makers) Aren’t Eating, Who’s to Blame?



Artists these days can go on YouTube and download any instrumental they want.How is the producer effected by it?. Tons of hours of creating instrumentals just to throw it on YouTube or, sound cloud in prayers that someone (a known artist) buy’s and raps over it & boom big money coming in.  what about the artist that downloads the beat for free? Rips out the tag and re-edits the beat to where the artist could perform on it with no problems.

Situations like this occur more than normal. In recent due to free downloading and artists re-structuring the beat to their liking. producers Aren’t being compensated. Should we blame the producers for uploading to free sites or, Should we blame the artist for not giving credit to the producer or at least compensation for the work. Although there are sites like sound click that makes you able to purchase instrumentals with agreements for each category stating limitations on what the artist can and can not do with the instrumental. sorry producers from the artist standpoint they could care less about reading the contracts nor buying the instrumental. The artist just want to create music and who can blame them.

Flashback to the 90’s early 2,000’s. For example, The only way to get an original instrumental was for the artist to meet up with the producer or creating one yourself. Times done changed over the years. I honestly think that producers should get paid for their work. the instrumental is half the production as well adds value to the lyrics. Take the production away and you have a bunch of words just flowing and rhyming. The instrumental bring lyrics to life and that I don’t think the artist or the masses seem to see.

The solution

In conclusion, I think producers should split profit 50/50 with the Artist. Especially when it comes to payment of Royalties. For, Producers are the key for the artist to create a masterpiece we in this industry call a “Hit” record. All you producers should know and understand that! Furthermore, I think producers should get their just due and be compensated the right way. impotently and this is facts. Without the producer the artist doesn’t have a song period!



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