Profeta X (Jeremiah Isaiah) – We All Live (Nipsey Tribute)

Award Winning Activist turned lyricist and producer, Jeremiah Isaiah (Profeta-X) released his self-produced debut album, “2PROPHETS” in 2017. The album itself is a deeper look into his very unique experiences as a former government operative and political ghostwriter within the U.S House of Representatives. By nightfall, his commitment to justice would find him leading protests at the crossroads between his career, people and love life.The startling death of his friend and fellow musician, Tywanza Sanders in the Charleston Church Shooting would eventually inspire him to begin performing speeches, live music and spoken word poetry at community events and venues as an active voice against hate.

His commitment and urgency to speak truth to power led to taking a full year to teach himself the basics of music production/beatmaking, in efforts to release his debut album which speaks vehemently against racism, and systematic oppression. Profeta-X would later relocate to Oakland, California – birthplace of The Black Panther Party, to whom he credits much of his inspiration as an activist and artist.

The album features fierce words of wisdom from Bob Marley, Angela Davis, Martin Luther King, Stokely Carmichael and fiery speeches personally given himself. Profeta-X touts combining the soulfulness of music to activism as a necessary means to inspiring a generation to save a world on the brink of destruction.

*The origin of his alias “Profeta X” is a manifestation of his given names Jeremiah/Isaiah(Prophets in the Bible), his comic book idol – Professor X and of course the legendary Malcolm X.

This song is is a tribute to the late Nipsey Hussle. As an activist I am highly interested in mobilizing the masses for the great good. I believe my art is a way to convey both pain and uplift in a very realistic way for listeners. I also crafted the beat and wanted to have a slightly eerie background that makes folks reflect as they hear it.


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