Promise is a 23 year old Australian based aspiring rapper. born in Kenya but of Ethiopian and Eritrean descent, he first arrived to Australia as a refugee at the age of 11 and always found it easier to express his thoughts through his music, he has a unique story and hopes to share it to the world through his music.

This song is inspired by, and dedicated to my little brother Nazrawi Samson Woldemicheal, who went missing in October 2016. Please share this clip as we want Naz to see this and come home to us. This song is also dedicated to the mothers, brothers and sisters of missing children who feel as if they are in the middle of the fire, that feel helpless and hopeless, this is your song, for the ones who don’t go a minute without feeling the heartache that comes with loosing a close one. This song also aims to raise awareness about amazing organisations like Missing Persons Advocacy Network – MPAN who work their ass off to support people through the most difficult of times. Shot, Directed and Edited by the genius Dane Meale