PWR CPL – Alone in the Same Room


PWR CPL’s debut single “Alone in the Same Room” features Summer on vocals and Jon rapping. It’s about relationships and the highs and lows, full of jazz and low-fi hip hop which can be heard in this track.

PWR CPL, (pronounced Power Couple) formed in 2017, is a husband and wife Alt. R&B duo out of Los Angeles, California. In many ways, they are total opposites, which is why they make such a strong team both musically and in life. These polarities form a highly charged and magnetic energy, balancing extremes in style and vibe. As multi-instrumentalists, producers, songwriters and performers, they have toured internationally, written for Grammy nominated artists and played for crowds of thousands. With a re-imagined sound and a new wave of inspiration, they are positioned to make a big impact this coming year.


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