QASRO Hits the Music Scene with His Debut Single: “Push You Away”

After years of setbacks, the independent singer/songwriter is finally ready to make his debut with his brand new single, “Push You Away”, available now across all streaming platforms. With a mash of electronic pop, contemporary R&B and Hiphop; coupled with straightforward yet heartfelt lyrics, Qasro gives the mainstream music enthusiast his take on some of the most popular genres we have come to love.

Moreover, the Swedish-American debutant will follow up his debut single with five additional singles, released consecutively, starting with “Stars Decide”, a record produced by Fred Chase and co-written by Kristoffer Fogelmark (best known for his work with Avicii5 Seconds of Summer, and Jason Derulo) amongst others. “Stars Decide” is scheduled for release as early as one month after his debut single hits the streaming platforms. Qasro’s wide range of musical influences has resulted in each record being characterised by its own stylistic narrative, making the anticipation of his upcoming releases that much more exciting!

Surprisingly, the most remarkable aspect of Qasro is not his music but his life story. A story plagued by a lifelong struggle and setbacks which includes his controversial deportation from the United States that split his family apart and resulted in a 10-year ban that expires this year. Needless to say, it should make for an interesting comeback.

Conclusively, with his best work yet to be announced, Qasro is an artist to keep an eye on in the months to come.


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