5 Quick Tips On Mindset For The DIY Marketer

It can be tough for the Music Artists that depend on a DIY Music Marketing Campaign. Firstly, the lack of experience results in the lack of a plan. Even if you create a physical plan and follow it quarter by quarter, you will see ups and downs. This is normal!!! Do not freak out when you see a slight plummet, because that is what happens in business through all industries. With that said keep the same energy and work extra hard to get back to the top but do not let it hinder your mindset. One slow week or even month is not the end of your career, so keep pushing forward. We have a long way to go.

Our attitude is what makes us inspirational and motivating. The way we approach our goals and handle our losses, while appreciating wins and giving the most gratitude possible. How can you keep this focus? Even when times get tough a well organized plan can make a difference. Just focus on the most positive outcome while putting everything you’ve got into the physical effort. Sounds easy but it isn’t. Here are 5 Quick Tips On Mindset For The DIY Marketer to keep you moving!

  • Create a Physical Marketing Plan That Fits Your Personality – It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to look professional. This is important to keep your “Brand” true to who you are as an individual. Some may even look at this as creative freedom. Appreciate who you are and others will follow. Originality is making a slow but sure, comeback so create your own wave and enjoy the journey.
  • Learn the differences and consequences behind positive attention (self development and entrepreneur motivation) and negative attention (trolling and drama). There are plenty of artists that have gotten in trouble for the negative attention they received throughout their career. We don’t even have to name them and its certain you named a few yourself, whether it be mainstream or independent. Positive attention is showing a huge impact in artists that want to appear in movies or other avenues.
  • Make Sure The Marketing Plan Is Possible – If you don’t match your plans up with your budget, you will be in a world of disappointment. Seek out a couple of decent DJ’s, bloggers and promoters that have options that you can afford in different regions. Keep an eye on these people and look for their results on your own. Have patience in your social media investigation. Make it fun and check these show hosts or promoters timelines to see if they have options and show results on all options. Do not window shop and ask a million questions when you’re holding down a crisp $20. Do some work because you may be too soon in your decision, asking the best marketer in their region too many sketchy questions and lose a good connect. Respect people.
  • Stop Looking For Dollar Menu Marketing Options – Sometimes it is worth a little more than a little investing. If you really have confidence and think you made a hit single promoting your upcoming album, PROVE IT! Shell out some extra for that medium size marketing campaign. Silver still ain’t steel if you know what I mean. Again, respect people. If you keep showing up to my store and keep buying the same pack of $00.25 gum with your flashy jewelry on, it just seems weird and business relationships fail if you aren’t the business owners’ priority.
  • If You Don’t Have The Full Amount, Work Out Down Payments – Remember that most of the marketing agencies and freelancers are small businesses as well. You as an artist are a small business so you should have your legislation paperwork correct before making any investments. Learn how economics work before you even pursue the marketing agency or freelancer. The window shopping addressed previously is the fastest way to lose respect from an agency or freelance digital marketer. It is called a payment in good faith which is an establishment of trust. Just make sure you have an invoice or a written contract that has a list of all expectations.

All of these DIY tips are imperative for a positive experience because every action has a reaction. We can only offer the etiquette that brings a positive sales connotation to your potential prospect. Make this your own to be effective. Be fluid with your speech and always allow the opposite in the conversation plenty of room to speak. Follow and leave a comment so that we can grow a positive and respectful business conversation. Read this article again and again, until you understand a DIY marketer stand point before you continue your marketing pursuits.


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