Mixed by the legend Bob Clearmountain, “Ooh Aah” is a quirky social commentary about the irony of our obsession with fame and our disrespect of famous people themselves. Whether we love them or hate them, if you see someone like Kanye West or Ed Sheeran, you really cant help but have a reaction, but in private we talk about them like they aren’t human, especially online. We find comfort in our own anonymity yet most of us still yearn for the opposite. Every RACKETS song deals with one racket or another of our times. “Ooh Aah” is the first single from our upcoming album “Red Flag Days”. Bob Clearmountain said the album was, “A joy to work on. It surprised me at every turn.”

RACKETS is an Indie Rock band from Topanga, California. For the debut of their first album “Red Flag Days” in May 2019, they hit instant crowd success opening for The Palms and Phantom Planet weeks before their official release. Having individually opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rick Astley (culminating at Carfest in England for 35,000 people) on world tours, and performed with Matt Berninger of The National, Blake Mills, and many more—the members of RACKETS always bring fun-loving energy to every venue they perform. Their studio and writing credits include a UK Billboard #2 hit for Nelly (“Hey Porsche”), The Goo Goo Dolls, and projects featuring Jeremy Gara, Will Butler, and Colin Stetson of Arcade Fire. Harrison Kipner, Dane Sandborg, and Aaron Westine have known each other for their whole lives. They all took different paths in music but ended up together in RACKETS—a vibrant musical light that sets fire everywhere they go.


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