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LA hip-hop artist Rafael Vigilantics will release his awaited debut EP with Blank City Records on April 27th. In anticipation today, Vigilantics has premiered the record’s lead track, “All Lanes.” He has also announced an intimate performance at a special invite-only showcase at No Name in Los Angeles on April 24th. A physical limited edition Original Medical X-ray and special Gold Flexi pressing release will land May 18th.

Stream “All Lanes” Here: https://soundcloud.com/blank-city/all-lanes

The EP’s lead track, “All Lanes”, will be available as an instant grat track when pre-ordering the digital edition of the EP with digital pre-sale beginning April FRIDAY THE 13th at http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1363233076?ls=1&app=itunes

The lead single’s sparse, big banging drums turn frantic as lyrics begin to command yet acknowledge that there might be nowhere to go. Refusing to fully separate from the past or step into the future, on “All Lanes” Vigilantics howls at you to “come with him” yet reminds you he might not know where he is going “Tell me how long I got, read my palms inside my songs”.

Vigilantics says: “’All Lanes’ is an admission of wanting to stand tall in the present. ‘All Lanes’ sounds like a preacher conducting a marching band high on horror movies and hell bent on losing their way.’

Talking about the EP itself, “Crime Is the Only Honest Pursuit”, Vigilantics states it best as the beat pulls away from the title track, “Only Crime”: Crime is the art that we make when we’re hungry.

Lyrically driven to hard hitting beats, Rafael Vigilantics challenges us to examine what honesty means in art and music and how the pursuit of it can for some, become a crime. The EP ranges from poetic crooning, to outright rap —contrasted by layered female vocals that create an anthemic melancholy on ‘Orleans’ and echo Blondie’s haunting choruses on ‘Bombs’. Produced by SmokeM2D6 (of Oldominion), the sounds of cellos, big war drums and subdued guitars are a perfect accomplice, the rhythms bring to mind urban baptisms on LSD.

“Crime Is the Only Honest Pursuit” is complex in that it lyrically touches on philosophy, anthropology and future culture. While musically it swings between electro, western and hiphop ‘Crime’ finds a way to be cohesive in its story and sound. Reminiscent is the influences of Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Aesop Rock. Vigilantics is a storyteller who twists around his beats, finding his escape along the least worn out paths. Taking those willing, away from their everyday genres, constructs and confines.

This EP is part war cry and part shamanistic sermon. Vigilanitcs insists “You’re out for blood and he’s back for more” refusing to let you down or back away from you. The’ EP is multifaceted, reflecting heavy darkness, but with glints of hope and gunfire, he calls out, “There is no one above us now!”

Vigilantics recently returned from playing his debut European shows, including a number of shows across Eastern Europe, including the war torn Ukraine, where he found himself as the first American artist to play in many of the remote towns and cities in these often overlooked countries on the touring map.