International LGBTQ rights organisation and artist collective Rainbow Riots have revealed new video for their Pride anthem ‘We Need Love’. The video was filmed in Uganda, and is the final single to be released from Rainbow Riots’ self-titled debut album which was unveiled last June.


The video for ‘We Need Love’ features a new dance remix of the original song which was composed and produced by the movement’s founder, Swedish activist and artist Petter Wallenberg. The track features Brayo Music, a Ugandan LGBT artist who after finding himself discriminated against in his home country now reaches a global audience with the worldwide release of ”We Need Love”.


Rainbow Riots is a global organisation and artist collective working for LGBTQ equality and rights. The Rainbow Riots album is written and produced by Petter Wallenberg, featuring LGBTQ artists from Uganda, Malawi and Jamaica – some of the most

dangerous countries in the world for LGBTQ people.


We Need Love is a song targeting hate and discrimination” said Petter Wallenberg and Brayo Music. ”The song is a direct message from the victims of hate and discrimination to the masses. As the lyrics explain, all we need is love, nothing less and nothing more.”


Rainbow Riots will be announcing their next groundbreaking project very soon.


‘We Need Love’ is available now:





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