Ralph Taylor Drops New Single “Eyes” | @ralphtaylor100 |



Ralph Taylor will release his fervent new single ‘Eyes’ on March 16th. It’s the 19-year-old Suffolk-born singer’s first new music since his last single ‘Limit’ was released in June last year.

Ralph says: “‘Eyes’ is the first single I’ve released that’s directly to do with me and my faith. It’s an ever-changing battle of mine and the song gives you a little glimpse into it”.

While Ralph has enjoyed some early success already, including a packed out set at Boardmasters festival in the Summer, he is set to make some waves in 2018And he’s going go to do that the old fashioned way, by touring, touring, touring. “I’m hoping to travel around the UK as much as possible with just my acoustic guitar, or my band when it’s possible. We wanna plant the Ralph Taylor name as much as we can.”

And he’s started the year right, with a series of UK wide dates with the revered Coffee House Sessions brand, just him and his acoustic guitar.

Despite his young age, Ralph has had a lot to aspire to already, having moved in next door to Ed Sheeran’s family as a young boy and watching his neighbour’s meteoric rise to fame, “seeing him at a young age really inspired me and it’s what made me move away from just playing the drums and to start writing and singing.” And that’s what Ralph did. He picked up a pen as a 13 year old and began writing his first songs. In the early days these were exclusively rap songs until he picked up a guitar at 14 and began integrating this sound into his writing. This, says Ralph, is when his journey truly began.