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Ray Turner is the guy in the cubicle next to yours. He is the guy standing in line at the grocery store. He is another frustrated face sitting in traffic. Ray Turner is also a music producer, singer, and songwriter. A child of military parents he grew up in several different places but he claims Houston, TX. He produces albums from front to back and independently releases them under his own fledgling company The Ray Records.

Ray’s passion for music began in grade school where he started playing the saxophone in the band. Just prior to leaving high school he discovered and became fascinated with digital audio workstations. Wanting to emulate some of his favorite music producers such as Timbaland and Pharrell he started making tracks. Not long after, the desire to complete songs influenced him to write and record. Ray loves the whole process from the first riff idea to the final mix down.

Ray’s latest release is an R&B masterpiece called, “Party for Two.” It showcases Ray’s ability to entirely self produce a complete project. In this project he explores love, romance, and, relationships. It is a statement on his quest to see the glory of God in everything. Check out the single Chocolate Strawberries on the music page and listen to “Party for Two”  in it entirety available on your favorite digital music outlet.


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