R&B-inspired band ‘Blesd’ releases 4th single “The Same”

“The Same” is a meditative call to the masses to join Blesd in viewing the world through their lens; where everyone and everything is equal and worthy of the love, care, and acceptance we would hope to have for ourselves. The band says “we feel this is important now more than ever, especially with so many forces in play right now trying to separate people. The first lyric of the song says, “Eyes, hands, legs, arms. Skin, bones, minds, hearts… we are all the same”. It’s a reminder that although we may have differences, we are still connected by the common thread of humanity.

Hailing from all over the United States, the R&B-inspired band Blesd met on a gig in Los Angeles. Realizing that they were already linked through multiple mutual friends they felt an instant connection and started to make music together outside of that initial gig. Quickly, it was clear that what they were creating was synergistic and special. They knew they needed to take it to the next level and form a band.

With credits that include background vocal work for Miley Cyrus and Don Henley, a Finalist on NBC’s The Voice, drumming for Bobby McFerrin, and music placements on major TV networks ABC, CMT, MTV and Showtime, the band’s members all have impressive resumes of their own. Together, their combined musical prowess and desire for a better world result in powerful songs that share themes of love, healing, and unity.  Comprised of Ayo Awosika, Brock Pollock, Lily Elise, Jeremy Lawrence, and Joe Conner, the band draws inspiration from fellow meditative R&B purveyors like India.ArieD’Angelo, and others.

Following the release of their 4th single ‘The Same’, Blesd will be releasing more music in the next few months under a new moniker.


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