Reggie is an Irish Rap Artist from Dundalk Ireland, his is formerly a member of the Irish rap collective 090. Reggie & 090 are said to be the pioneers of Irish Drill, after INK, as they have the earliest most known release in the Irish drill catalog, with Fix My Ring. Reggie exploded onto the scene Apr 22 of 2018 with the release of Patrick, alongside Cubez & J.B2 and has continued to drop banger after banger ever since.

The track which set Reggie up for national and international fame was his most recent track ‘Risk It’. This track has gained international co-signs from big name artists in the UK such as S1. He is known for his Deep voice, smooth delivery, his word play and for bringing his African heritage into his music. Reggie can incorporate African sounding flows into his music which he displays in his New Eire Flow Freestyle.

They are currently the top two irish urban artists in ireland and have built a strong following in the UK. Heist has been very highly anticipated


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