Able to juggle the mainstream and the underground through eclectic instrumentation and fastidious flows rooted in lyricism, Relaye has honed his talents as an MC to deliver a Hip-Hop sound that incorporates several musical styles and genres, in an attempt to defy a traditional label. Born Isaac Lucas in Lawrence, KS, raised in Seattle, WA, and ultimately making his way to Los Angeles to attend USC, Relaye’s introduction to music consisted largely of reggae and ragtime, through his parents’ reggae band and the Scott Joplin catalogue he learned to play on piano in elementary school. Expanding his musical curiosity, he rapped throughout high school, freestyling with classmates on the school bus, but didn’t take it seriously until after graduation, studying music business & technology in college and signing with the independent label Blue Elan Records his junior year. His music has since landed in a multitude of films and television shows, with his most recent single ‘Lemonade’ receiving a feature in the season 9 finale of Showtimes “Shameless.”

Relaye has always been led by music’s power to transform and transport anyone it touches, and his debut LP ‘Oddity’ aims to showcase his topical versatility as an artist, with tracks ranging from profane to profound, about love, confidence and not taking life too seriously.

“Lemonade” is out now via Format Publishing.


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