Renee Dion – “HAVEN” (Album)



Columbus, OH singer/songwriter Renee Dion follows up her 2014 album, Moonlight with her new, 8-track, self-produced album, HAVEN. The album is Renee Dion’s first entirely self-produced project, but undoubtedly her best project of work to date. If you love R&B, you’ll love Renee Dion’s HAVEN.
“HAVEN is the perfect blend spirituality and womanhood.” – Renee Dion 
There comes a time in every artist’s life where she must decide: continue down a well-worn path of familiarity or toe the grasses of something new. And sometimes life’s own plot twists make those decisions for you.
Renee Dion’s soulful sound could be heard on music blogs across the web, on albums by alternative soul icons, and in clubs and festivals from her hometown, Columbus, Ohio, to New York City. And as her fans anticipated her fourth project, life came at her fast–she took a musical break. What emerged from Renee’s hiatus is a simmering album, HAVEN where she breaks free of her normal setting of an external producer directed album and found her soul trappings and plays in an uncharted space musically producing her own project with the help of one of Columbus Ohio’s musical geniuses Jonathan Baker assisting her in some of the tracks. Renee has crafted a delicate safe space of honest music creating a home within her lyrics and detailing patience through some of life’s harsh and gorgeous transitions as Gods child a woman and an artist.