The city of Toronto, Canada has become a musical powerhouse over the last half-decade. The city has produced such notable artists as Drake, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Torey Lanez, and Belly. One thing those artists have in common is a mainstream pop appeal. Richlin Fharlo is not that artist.

The T-Dot native is proving there is more to the cities musical landscape than we’ve been getting. More Tyler the Creator than Drake, Richlin looks to put on for the underground scene that has been a part of Camada for a long time.

Recently Richlin dropped the video for his Gsmakesmusic produced track titled, “Baloney”. “Baloney” is of Richlin Fharlo’s most recent mixtape and debut offering, Circus Hill Club. Richlin and Gsmakesmusic also connect to form the group, Mad Family.

Watch the video for, “Baloney” above via YouTube: