Ricky Havana “Ricky Season” [Album Stream] | @Ricky_Havana |


We do usually talk about seasons in terms of the weather and climate, but life is full of ever-changing seasons. New York emcee Ricky Havana has declared this part of his life as “Ricky Season” in his debut EP. Ricky is unequivocally himself on this project, letting the listener in on key parts of his journey, both the good and the bad.


“Ricky Season” despite being an EP is cleverly split in half, to tell two stories, the beginning half chronicles Havana’s childhood, the struggle his parents went through just to survive in this country and the lessons Havana learned growing up. “11 PM In NYC” is the metaphorical interlude to transition us into the latter half of the EP which centered around his relationship with women. The energetic and passionate EP from Ricky Havana will have everyone saying it’s “Ricky Season” in no time.

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