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LA based artist, producer RL Grime announces his new endeavour called Sable Valley, a label which he’ll use as a platform to showcase up-and-coming talent, in addition to releasing his own music. 2019 is going to be a big year for RL Grime, especially if the Sable Valley orientation video is any indication.

The first label release will be his highly anticipated collaboration with graves, “Arcus”, which first made a debut on RL Grime’s Halloween Mixtape 7, and is released today HERE. To celebrate, RL Grime will host a Reddit AMA, date to be announced shortly.

RL Grime / Henry Steinway says: “Since the inception of RL Grime, I’ve had this goal in the back of my mind to start my own label. My Halloween mixes have always been an outlet for me to curate and showcase new music, but the natural next step for me was to start a label. My whole life I’ve been obsessed with the process of searching for and finding what’s next, and this is a way for me use my platform to highlight emerging talent that I believe in. “Arcus” is the first release, and it felt like the perfect song to set the tone for what Sable Valley is about.”

Sable Valley states: “During your membership here at Sable Valley, we strive to provide you with the technical information, advocacy, and professional opportunities to help advance your overall well-being. As a member, you will be able to exchange research information with other Sable Valley affiliates and participate in programming sessions offered at various conferences held by Sable Valley throughout the year.”

RL Grime first came to prominence as a New York-based teenager delivering monster, viral remixes of Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa” and Kanye West’s “Mercy.” He established himself as a unique artist in his space with a striking monochromatic aesthetic, a series of animated music videos, and an annual Halloween mix that has included drops from Goosebumps author RL Stine, comedian Hannibal Buress, and Tony Hawk. After solidifying his fanbase with a few highly-regarded EPs, RL Grime independently released his first studio album, VOID, in 2014. It premiered as the #1 Electronic album in the United States and remained in that position for a month.

At that point—with over 150 million plays, rave reviews and magazine covers, and sets at the most prominent festivals in the world including Coachella & Lollapalooza – RL Grime stuck to his underground roots and further limited his releases. He made rare appearances in collaborations with artists including Big Sean, Miguel, and Skrillex, and starred in Alexander Wang’s #WANGSQUAD alongside Travis Scott & Zoe Kravitz. In late 2017, he emerged with “Era,” a tour-de-force single that Billboard described as “exotic, massive, and full-of-left-turns.” Its epic, cinematic sound announced a new era and an accompanying album: NOVA.

RL Grime’s uncompromising artistry has paid off. NOVA was preceded by a sold-tour. Its hype has only swelled in the absence of information surrounding the album, leaving fans and blogs to their own speculation. With NOVA, RL Grime looks to further distinguish himself as an innovator in music, treading the line between millions of fans and an independent sound, the underground and the accessible, popular music and real art. RL Grime’s next chapter sees him opening the gates of Sable Valley, a new record label to release his like-minded artist’ music and vision as well as his own.


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