Ro3 – Been There Before (Prod. By van Dijk)


Ro3 releases his latest single now available everywhere “Been There Before” (Producedby van Dijk). The hot single is an inspirational upbeat lyrical tune that anyone can vibe too. You can clearly tell from the lyricism that Ro3 knows that in this climate it is easy to just follow, and his goal is to inspire others to understand that you must stay focused on your goals, never let your past define you, and be who you truly are will help you create your true life narrative.

As a young Native American, Ro3 has been blessed to face many adversities in his young life. From being a follower of Jesus, having a single mother and an absent father, to having his best friend/manager pass away, you can only imagine the turmoil that Ro3 has encountered again and again. However, that has never prevented him from prospering and growing as a young man of God. “Been There Before” which is produced by Cornelis van Dijk from the Netherlands provides a positive, loving vibe for every listener to absorb. When times get rough, the tough stay tough! Enjoy listening and feeling inspired to capture your dreams and conquer the day!

Been There Before” is now available for streaming and download at the following link:


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