ROCHESTER Inspires in Visual for “Big Dreams” | @ROCHESTERJUICE |

If there’s one thing we all have in common, is dreams that we want to chase. ROCHESTER though has Big Dreams, and he has recently released this motivating single and music video titled ‘Big Dreams’. Within the first week of it’s release, Big Dreams has been placed in the hottest Apple Music playlists that include The Plug, The New Toronto, Northern Bars and more.

Directed by Phil Harris (Credits; Jessie Reyez, Calvin Harris & more), Big Dreams’s Music Video brings a hype energy that will get you pumped up for more. The song is produced by Book Worm, a frequent producer that has been collaborating with ROCHESTER to bring bring hip hop and electronic music elements together to give it a different twist.

Big Dreams is the next single to ROCHESTER’s upcoming album DREAMS DON’T HAVE DEADLINES. Make no mistake this is motivation music, and although the journey he’s been through hasn’t been easy. This song is talking about his commitment to chase his dreams, no matter how hard life gets. Stick to the plan and your dreams will become a reality.


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