Roy Matz – Palm Trees (feat. RuDi Devino)

This song is a happy song with a deep message.

It is about how our mind always tends to deceive us that we will have better circumstances if we go elsewhere, if we can achieve this, or get that, or be there. The reason I wrote this song was to stop my mind from thinking that way… we are in a place with palm trees, we just can’t seem to understand it because we never focus on the present moment. once we can focus on here and now we see the palm trees are actually here.

Roy Matz is a producer, rapper and multi instrumentalist, who makes indi electronic hip hop/r&b

Roy started as a guitar player when he was 12 years old and has explored styles such as Rock, Blues, Jazz, and R&B. He grew up in Israel and started writing his own music at age 21 after his army service

Roy has collaborated with brands like ‘Adidas’, has performed with big names in hip hop on stages all over the world, and is now focusing on releasing his own music out to the world


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