Premiere: Royal Ruckus – “The Summer of the Cicadas” | @RoyalRuckus |

The Summer of Cicadas

New Album: Royal RuckusThe Summer of the Cicadas

Ft. Pigeon JohnCookbookEligh, Krum & more.

The Bakersfield, Californian duo, Royal Ruckus release their long awaited, double disc album, “The Summer of Cicadas.” 30 songs melding influences from boom bap to electronic laced by their unconventional Lyricism. The 2 have spread across the US in recent years return for their new release. Featuring names like, Pigeon John and Cookbook of LA Symphony, Eligh of the Living Legends and more.  New video for The Waitress Song coming in 1 week.

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Royal Ruckus has been underground for many years, many unaware of their continued existence. Chunjay and Flatline have each been very busy though, learning and growing in this life, always becoming.

Ruckus (noun, ruck·us [rəkəs]) is a disturbance or commotion. A “royal ruckus” is a large-scale commotion, fuss, or noise. This description characterizes the musical accomplishments of the duo, Chunjay and Flatline. They have since emerged from the ground to sing and make a ruckus, and before you know it, will cease their singing and return to the ground.


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