RRA – “Young Skinhead Redux”

Keeping in line with his rock influences, RRA borrows from My Bloody Valentine to make a Shoegaze Rap song. The hazy backdrop provides him with the perfect space to talk about his shortcomings as well as get a bit political. Referencing the Skinhead movement from England to explain how he feels in modern times. The song is a return to his Rock roots after his Trap influenced single ‘These Bands‘ which was released recently. The main idea of the song is that we are going through the same things, just differently. As defeated as we may feel we should always keep pushing on.

RRA is a rapper currently based in between Pretoria and Cape Town. RRA has dropped 3 tapes last year. This year he will drop his first commercial project titled “Are We Having Fun Yet?”. He is a rock inspired rapper, pulling from punk, industrial and post-punk all while infusing a definitive rap element. His music usually focuses on depression and loneliness with the odd dose of braggadocio. He coins his music as Post-Punk Rap as it is influenced by Joy Division and David Bowie.


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