Rudeboy Bambino – “Straight To The Face” | @RudeboyBambino

Rudeboy Bambino was born in Bronx, New York, the mecca of Hip-Hop. When you come from the birthplace of Hip-Hop there is a certain level of quality that is expected. Now calling Houston, Texas his home, this isn’t lost on RB.

When you listen to his music it’s clear both places have had an influence on his sound. Rudeboy recently released his EP titled, 7th Letter. Now he is back with the brand new record, “Straight To The Face”. Atlanta based, internet beat slanger Pulaski produced the track. 43K Records released the song.

The track starts with an eerie piano melody which quickly blends with an equally as eerie sound that I can’t quite pinpoint. Once the beat drops Bambino hops in as well with his slow, Southern flow that is reminiscent of Curren$y. Upon listening it’s clear that Rudeboy Bambino takes care in crafting his melody and placing his rhymes. Throughout the entirety of the almost 3-minute long track, RB is right in pocket without skipping a beat.

In addition to the release of “Straight To The Face”, Rudeboy will be dropping another single later on this week. Until then listen to the new single, “Straight To The Face” by Rudeboy Bambino below via Spotify.


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