Is Russ Exposing Phony Rappers with new Song Exposed?

is the music industry exposed by Russ?

“Produced By RUSS, Mixed,Masterd,Engineered. Written By RUSS”. Russ broke out into the mainstream with his single “what they want”. A track throwing jabs at the music industry which was released early 2016. What they want is a record seems to be alluding to the fact that Russ is chosen as his stats his perspective stating that Labels only see artists as profits and calling them (the labels) puppet masters. Ultimately Russ knows what the industry wants. However artists before him has exposed the music industry but not like the way he’s exposing it.

Is Russ disgusted with phony rappers?

This video at the top is another song “Produced By RUSS, Mixed, Mastered, Engineered, Written By him also”. This song is called Exposed. RUSS expresses his views on new artists that’s signed to a major labels claiming independent. In anyway this couldn’t be further from the truth! As a matter of fact Rappers these days have a major backing (financial supporters) meanwhile claiming that they’re Independent. On the other hand, they’re tied to labels fronting like they’re independent to trick the fans.

Listening to this song, Although it may seem like he comes off as cocky. I actually think he’s a passionate artist that started with a dream and worked hard to get to where he is at! I think he’s just disappointed with the turnout of the industry. In fact who can blame him. All things considered, he got it out the mud independently and he’s successful. I would feel disrespected too if I were him.

the link below is were you can download his new album “There’s really wolf”




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