Los Angeles Hip Hop artist Sahtyre drops the visuals for “Missy Elliot” from The Gorgeous Darkness” EP. In the video viewers witness a rare goblet-wielding Sahtyre on a shortcut back alley liquor store run through the West Adams district of LA. The track is produced by Longevity and the video was shot by Farid Xan & Adam Stanzak with additional footage by Jordan Calhoun and edited by Cassidy Howell.

“The very first time I heard this beat it reminded me of Missy Elliot “Get Ur Freak On”, like dark and big but fun and chaotic; some secret-festival-rave type vibe. I automatically knew it was going to be the first song on the project because of how unique it is, it lets you know that we’re on a different wave right from the jump.” Sahtyre says.