Saiah – “Cold” (Official Music Video) @Iloveyousai

Last month a relatively unknown artist named Saiah released a track called “Lostboy“. Everything about the track felt perfect from the alternative rock vibe featured throughout the song to the rap verse on the second half. The entire 2 minutes and 42 seconds of the record gives off a very melancholy mood that put you directly into the songwriter’s world.

A quick search of the artist on the googles didn’t reveal much except that the track was off of a project titled, Loverboyraceway. Fast forward a few weeks and a gift was delivered to my inbox. The brand new video for Saiah’s new track, “Cold”

“Cold” like “Lostboy” is under the three-minute mark and also like “Lostboy” mesmerizes from start to finish. The track features an acoustic guitar throughout its entirety with upbeat trap-style drums behind it. Saiah’s vocals go in an out of being fully audible while maintaining the feeling he wants you to receive. This isn’t easy to do. The accompanying captions on the bottom of the screen fill you in on al the lyrics.

The mysterious new artist known as has no shortage of talent and may be here a while. I am excited to see what will come next from this rising star.

Watch the video for the brand new track, “Cold” by Saiah below via YouTube:


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