The mysterious new-comer SASH drops the official music video for his infectious hit record “Rondo” featuring Atlanta rapperUnoTheActivist. The rising New York artist also released three new tracks last week, “Disco,” “Shine,”and “Avenue” via Soundcloud, as follow-up to his hit “Rondo” and his second release “Prince”.

For the “Rondo” video, SASH and Uno team up as a duo of diamond dealers who hire a band of ladies and devise a master plan to steal diamonds from the top, veteran dealer. Their scheme takes a turn when the ladies turn against SASH and Uno, drugging them. In the video, you can see as the drugs start to take effect on SASH as the ladies take advantage of them and their jewels.

Since its release, “Rondo” has reached nearly 1.5 million streams across all platforms. Soon after the release the hit track, word of the newcomer’s talent started to buzz within the music industry with the backing of artists like PNB Rock and Ugly God supporting the song via Soundcloud. SASH soon got connected to his biggest supporter, Travis Scott, through his friend and co-manager, Kwam The Don, a well-connected, young entrepreneur in LA, who also introduced Scott to the “Rondo” track. The song also caught the attention of many of Hollywood’s A-listers like Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, and DJ Mustard.