Savan DePaul Releases New Single “Pesticides” | @savanCX |

A melodic selection from Savan DePaul’s new conscious/political rap album Brood VIII, “pesticides” takes the form of a bass-rich R&B track with environmentalist themes. Lowkey and vibe-infused but packed with substance.

Forever the cosmic enthusiast, Savan DePaul prides himself on making music that challenges/subverts the notions of his contemporaries. DePaul not only operates as a rapper but also as a producer, poet, and visual artist with a penchant for creating musical projects that more closely resemble alien incantations than your average pop or rap banger. He is crafting his own lane in space-age hip hop, becoming one of the genre’s most unique characters in the process.  Emphasizing on the otherworldly and the mystical, DePaul’s music is sure to test contemporary notions of what rap music is capable of.

Member of the producer collective more beats > less sleep as well as one half of space rap duo Sagan Theory.


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