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SB continues to promote his latest album, the critically-acclaimed ‘Land of Black Gold.’ The latest single is the soulful, AbJo produced “Got You Baby.”The song is an ode to black women and a call to black men to support their women in not only words but actions.

SB on “Got You Baby”:

The song was inspired by a lot of the online discussions I have seen Black women have about and around Black men in our community always needing their support, love, care, affection, respect, defense, encouragement and motivation yet never truly being there nor standing up for them (Black women) in return in the face of racism, sexism, hatred, discrimination, domestic violence (and issues of such ilk) both in intra and interpersonal relationships. Black women always have our backs as black men in our community. I think it’s high time we as black men started having theirs not just in lip service but practice; standing up for and truly supporting them if we really believe we are one people, one family in that sense. I’ve chosen to do more listening, more self evaluation and less self-defending. This love song is only but a small part of of my realization and intent to that effect.



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