ScribeCash Debut Album “99+1”



​The emerging young female rapper, singer, and director ScribeCash drops off her brand new release “99+1” right before she heads out on the road on her first headlining tour. Branching out with her most vocal performance to date, she adds a new element of R&B on songs like “He Aint Got To Know”, “Cinderella” and “That’s The Way”.
Still sticking with her hip-hop roots, the socially conscious rapper succeeds on the songs “I Go Hard” and “Squad” feat. King Los. Finally, Scribe wraps up her concept with the feel good jam “99+1”. Rather it’s the use of a classic 90’s R&B sample, or her own innovative music concepts Scribe is definitely an artist to look out for. Check out her tour dates and debut album below.



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