SCRUB & ACE HA Describe What A “Sneaker Tweaker” Is – @ScrubMusic


Sneaker Tweaker

SCRUB and ACE HA release a hilarious new video for their tennis shoe fetish single, “Sneaker Tweaker” –

The duo delves into the world of shoes and touches on customs, classics, Jordans, sandals, exclusives, Kangaroos, Crocs and more through the eyes of “The Plug” and “The Salesman”. Thanks for your time and may your mid-soles stay forever clean and may your toe box remain uncreased.

Veteren emcee SCRUB (St. Louis) and producer ACE HA (Los Angeles) have teamed up to create a classic that showcases their collective experience. Listeners will hear elements of golden-era Boom Bap weaved seamlessly with progressive sounds and intricate lyrics. Ranging from lighthearted story telling to biting social critiques, these two artists deliver a listening experience that is both engaging and heartfelt.