See Jackson, Tennessee Thru The Eyes Of Calvin Ross’ “Where I Come From” | @CalvinRoss_ |


Calvin Ross

Within a five minute time frame, sizzling Tennessee R&B singer Calvin Ross sums up life in Jackson in the emotionally riveting, “Where I Come From” –

Calvin Ross can make street anthems as well as ballads but it’s his ability to share absolute truths thru music that makes him a standout artist. This statement holds as much truth as ever with the arrival of his latest release, “Where I Come From”. In the song, Ross recounts his plight growing up in his hometown of Jackson, Tennessee. Listen in as Calvin describes the repercussions of living the street lifestyle and how it affects not only him but the people he loves dearly. From his cousin being shot to his grandmother on edge as she stresses over his whereabouts, the compelling artist paints a very vivid image of the hood. It’s a tale that many people living in the same circumstances can relate to. Please take a moment and give “Where I Come From” a deep listen.

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