London rapper ​Seinna​ and Dresden producer ​Scientific​ present their 3rd collaboration – ‘​Kimchi’​. This narrative is the next evolution from the duo, off the back of singles ‘Equivalent Exchange’​ and ​‘Too Many Problems’​ in anticipation of their impending EP penned for release in the first quarter of the new year.

This liberated single showcases the infinite possibilities of Hip Hop superbly, with an unconventional swung rhythm that falls like raindrops around moody and contemplative fluctuating chord changes. This pairing is a match made in heaven – such meditative production on the beat is the perfect bed for Seinna’s flow which addresses the false lyricism adopted by rappers to achieve a superficial standing in the game, and how it is inhibiting a deeper movement.

“Talentless rappers spitting fallacy

Confusing consumers it’s foolish

Poetic justice is found within substance

Not constantly chit chatting about the substance you puffing”

The track comes complete with a beautifully synaesthetic ​Statix Studio​ directed video which predominantly exhibits Seinna against symbolic hues and imagery. It depicts that, whilst surrounded by masterful contemporaries in his collective ​Rhythm & Reason​, in his heart Seinna prays that the yet to be enlightened acknowledge his urgent encouragement of sanity, integrity and progression.

‘Kimchi’​ is officially released on all streaming platforms.

Written by Amy Hurford 


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