It’ll Be A Cold Day In Hell Before Selldretti Gets “Censored” – @RealSelldretti –


With the announcement that his sophomore album is debuting on December 1st Selldretti returns with the heavy single “Censored” to build anticipation –

Born on 1994 in Columbus, Georgia, Selldretti had a promising childhood. He grew up with two brothers, Nicholas and Marcus, in two households, where both his mom and dad co-parented and did an excellent job. After graduating in 2012 from Northside High School, he joined the United States Army and completed 3 years of service with a deployment to Afghanistan before being accepted into the United States Military Academy at West Point. In that time span, he lost his mom and  in the course of 5 months. While dealing with these tragedies, he pursued ways to use his life as a source of entertainment while pushing a message.

He first created a Facebook channel called”SkipperVille”, which included shows taking the viewer through his daily life and ending with a life message. After a few months of making shows, his older brother, Marcus aka “Marcus Muscogee” and step brother, Cameron aka “D-YODA”, encouraged him to get involved with making music and songwriting after making their single “Pick Me Up.” During his second year of college, the rookie penman has taken the hip hop industry by storm, working on developing his songwriting skills and rap skills.

Although pursuing an education, serving the country and becoming a future husband and father are his top priorities; he continues to set time aside to work on his music and strive to become an artist that influences others in a positive way.


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