Sha Davis Fills Our Hearts with “A Vibe” | @ShaDavisMusic |

Houston recording artist Sha Davis debuts her latest single “A Vibe” just in time for Valentine’s Day. The single delivers RnB and neo-soul, both with a unique combination of soulfulness. “A Vibe” has that effortless sense of soul that every word brings a sense of intensity that paints the room. If anyone is looking for a smooth 420 friendly, laid back, baby making anthem to kick start the holiday, look no further. Bring the green and the candy, Sha will take care of the rest.

Sha Davis writes and inhabits a fully-realized vision of happiness, confidence, and ensuing pleasure. Her graceful voice makes the lyrical details hit harder, and showcases her ability to make songs universally relatable. Sha’s new album, Songs I Wrote When You Left (due out March 13th), is an artfully produced, eclectic collection of songs that lands between Solange and Kelela, with a serious dash of Jamaican dub.






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