Shalyah Fearing – I’ll Get Over You | @ShalyahFearing


We all face a little heart break and pain throughout our life times and Shalyah Fearing is here to remind us that time heals all in her new release, “I’ll Get Over You” –

Born and raised in Florida, Shalyah Fearing has accomplished a lot in here seventeen year life span. She received a full ride to the Performing Arts Center in Tampa, starring roles in productions such as Shrek, The Little Princess. and The Little Mermaid. Then came a defining moment in the young singer’s career, she landed within the Top 8 on season ten of The Voice.

Shalyah now takes aim at her own musical career and debuts a riveting number titled “I’ll Get Over You”. With a voice that has no problem hitting multiple octave ranges but she has a fire in her that shows the spirit of a champion. When asked about the single, Fearing said this:

To me, this song embraces the process of breaking up, hurting & moving on but still being pulled by their influence. I want my listeners to feel that pain and agony, but also know that in time the hurt will subside. We’ll always have bitter and sweet experiences in life, fond memories mixed with lessons well learned.

Listen to “I’ll Get Over You” on Soundcloud.