Shan Vincent de Paul tells Trump to kick rocks on the dance hit, “Bitch Go” – @shanvdp


Toronto-based rapper/director Shan Vincent de Paul unveils his self-directed video for “Bitch Go”, an anti-Trump chant disguised as a dance record –

Although Shan Vincent de Paul is Toronto based and of Sri Lankan descent, it doesn’t stop him from speaking his mind on the current POTUS, Donald Trump. #45’s outlandish and at times comical political approach has earned him one of the worst ratings a president of the states has had in charge for some time. He turns his frustration into art by teaming with producer La+ch and venting his way into a hyped up dance trend. The self-directed video finds Shan in a bright orange jacket delivering verses with different dance scenes cut in. Don’t get it twisted though, Paul makes it clear that he’s totally done with Trump. By the looks of the video’s cast of characters, it appears they are as well. Join Shan Vincent de Paul and the dance entourage below.