Sharoo Ft Tempo Stokes – Hydroplane | @SharooTheRapper |

Sharoo Tempo Stokes

Pakistani artist Sharoo lays track marks all over the Tempo Stokes featured, “Hydroplane”, mixed by Grammy-Nominated engineer, Beauvallis

Shardil Ahmad, known by his fans as Sharoo, entered into the world of hip-hop/rap in 2017. Since then, he has done nothing but grow himself as an artist in order to earn his place as an up incoming rapper.Although American born, he spent much of his childhood in the streets of Dubai where he first fell in love with Rap music.

Sharoo came back to the states in 2016 to in hopes of pursuing his dreams of becoming a professional rapper and physician. He is currently a junior at Wake Forest University working very hard to do both music and medicine. For the rapper, it is important that his music is able to consciously and positively impact the lives of his listeners. He is always engaging with his fans and is incredibly excited to be able to do what he loves.


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