Shaun B Presents The Excitingly Erotic “Savage” Video | @ShaunBWTHL |


Atlanta bred R&B sensation Shaun B invites viewers to a piece of visual intimacy with the Cam Kirk-directed short, “Savage”

Jamaican born and Georgia raised, Shaun B would serve nine years in the U.S. Army before having an epiphany. It was during this time that he came to the realization that his true calling was with music. After making the decision, he hit the ground running and has yet to lose his stride. Thus far, the Georgia native has released two albums in total. Those titles are “Cocaine in the Morning” and “Cocaine in the Evening”. The latter features his latest video, “Savage”.

Directed by ATL heavyweight Cam Kirk, an ambient red hue encapsulates Shaun B and a masked female counterpart. If you can recall the Stanley Kubrick movie, “Eyes Wide Shut”, picture that and add a strong splash of buttery melodies to it. Mix in the deep bass and lush pads of SlowKings and instantly become seduced by the release.

Shaun has alot going on this year as well. Expect to hear releases in the form of Songs About Women”, Zones” and the highly anticipated Cocaine at Midnight”. For the time being however, get aroused visually by “Savage”.


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