Shise Foe was born into a musical environment. His mother and aunt had tunes playing 24/7 in the house, and both of his grandfathers were artists – one a musician and actor, the other also an actor who took Shise to Broadway shows as a child. A New Yorker representing Harlem and Westchester, Shise left the Empire State to attend Howard University to play ball. Standing 6’6,” he was once a well-known college player whose hoop dreams were deferred after getting caught up in the streets.

Shise Foe was a member of the F.O.E. Boyz for about six years. The group’s single, “Upgrade,” enjoyed moderate success, reaching #43 on the urban music charts. While the collaborative nature of being in a group makes composing songs easier, it can also be stifling. Now a solo act, Shi$e has only himself to please and enjoys crafting songs from beginning-to-end. He’s gone from strictly spitting to adding harmony and melody to his songs.

A music lover, Shi$e enjoys many styles but is most inspired by classic New York hip-hop – The Lox, Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, and Fabolous. Fellow Harlem native, Mase, is his all-time favorite. Like those who came before him, Shi$e delivers the real, writing about his pain and personal experiences.

Since going solo a year ago, Shi$e has collaborated with another upcoming artist from Harlem – Dave East – on the single “Drako.” He has also featured legendary emcee and his lyrical mentor, Jadakiss, on the single “Dirty Money.” The song “Family Ties” highlights what is going on in Shi$e’s life right now and his friend, Kayne Prexise, brings the song to life with his vocals. His daughters co-star in the video.

In addition to pushing his single “Drako,” Shi$e is making a short film based on his first solo effort, Traffikka. It features songs from the project and marks Shi$e’s acting debut. A follow-up film with newer music is also in the works. As he continues to create, Shi$e is looking for more national exposure, opportunities to perform live, and maybe even a record deal. He’s also open to expanding his brand independently through merchandising – as long as he’s connecting with fans, inspiring other creatives, and being an example for the youth.

Shi$e is someone people can look up to. F.O.E. means ‘Family Over Everything,’ and that’s what he stands for as a man. His brand, Traffikka, is all about trafficking your ideas, talent, and lifestyle from city-to-city and state-to-state. You have to put the footwork in and make it happen. As Shi$e progresses, he does so in remembrance of his cousin – Sticc – and in representation of New York.

Check out Shi$e F.O.E.’s music at Follow him on Instagram (@shisefoe).


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