ShiShi Returns with “L2LY” (Remix) | @tharealshishi |

Continuing his recent run of consistently dropping new tunes, Indian-American producer ShiShi has provided an official remix for “L2LY” by Los Angeles based singer PXTN. ShiShi infused “L2LY” with his signature Indian inspired sound, flipping the original beat into his own personal style while highlighting PXTN’s unique voice and talents.

ShiShi’s music is a reflection of his global upbringing. Born in the United States to Indian parents, he lived in three continents before his family settled in New York. He grew up listening to the music of his mother, a classical Indian singer, and played the violin and guitar until college, when he began experimenting more with making his own beats. Since he began releasing music, it has been his goal to blend together sounds from all over the world, while paying particular homage to the music of his homeland. He has been a mainstay on various official Spotify playlists, most recently securing a spot on Mint India and Friday Cratediggers for his release “Mahamudra.”  In all, ShiShi’s music has been streamed over 7 million times, a number that is sure to rise exponentially with each passing release.

Born in the USA to Indian parents and raised on three different continents, ShiShi’s unique blend of dembow music reflects his global citizenship, blending sounds and influences from dancehall to classical indian ragas to cuban salsa, to name a few. His artistic vision is to unite musical styles, cultures and people that appear to have little in common.


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