SHY Nodi Calls Out Relationship on ‘Snakes’

Inspired by a note written by SHY Nodi on the subject that simply says ‘Snakes don’t have shoulders to lean on’, ‘Snakes’ is another lyrical indignation that will instantly pull you into an authentic world of melodic pop hooks, glistening urban-tinged synths, and modern R&B aesthetics.

Speaking of the track, SHY Nodi explains,

“I’ve always had a fault in that I trust people far too easily. It’s not really a problem, until you meet someone who decides to take advantage of that quality. I think it can be applied to all types of relationships, whether it’s someone you love, or simply someone you consider a friend.”

SHY Nodi, aka Nirob Islam, was born in Stockholm in 1993 after his family emigrated to Sweden from Bangladesh. He received his global breakthrough as a songwriter in 2016 with the release of ‘The Ocean’ by Mike Perry Ft. SHY Martin. The multi-platinum hit has since been streamed over 550 million times, and was also awarded Spotify’s prize for ‘Most Streamed Song of The Year’ at the Swedish Publishing Awards that year.

Education was the top priority though for his family and his music career only began when SHY Nodi’s parents gave him two years to invest fully in his dream of working with music full time, with the promise to return to his studies if it didn’t work. After having attended the songwriting academy ‘Musikmakarna’ in Northern Sweden, and with only two months left, ‘The Ocean’ was released and his life changed.

SHY Nodi has since established himself as one of Sweden’s most modern and progressive songwriters, and together with songwriting partner SHY Martin, he has created hits like ‘All We Know’ by The Chainsmokers Ft. Phoebe Ryan, and ‘I Wanna Know‘ by NOTD Ft. Bea Miller. Their partnership also led to them being awarded the ‘Grand Prize for International Success’ at Sweden’s prestigious Denniz Pop Awards in 2017 and ‘Breakthrough of the Year’ at the 2017 Swedish Publishing Awards.

In August 2018, he debuted as an artist under the same name, with the release of his debut single ‘Complex’. As an artist, SHY Nodi shows a darker side to himself, in contrast to the pop and house hits that he has written for other artists. His name SHY Nodi is derived from his sister, and his family’s Bangladeshi roots have heavily inspired his artistry, which can be clearly seen in the video for his debut single ‘Complex’, which garnered support from HillyDilly.

Singles ‘No Vibe’ and ‘Han Solo’ followed his debut single to a comparable level of support. With further releases to follow in the next few months, and a debut mini-album planned for release later in 2019, SHY Nodi will no doubt be on your ones to watch list for 2019.

‘Snakes’ is his second offering in 2019.


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