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During the last six months, Shy shy shy have released the singles ‘Beautiful Boys & Girls’, ‘Making a Fool’ and ‘Someone Else‘ which have brought them back on the radar of music critics and their growing fanbase. Today they release their debut album ‘Make Up’.

The song ‘Pretenders’ is a short sweet ride led by the two vocals of Simon and Astrid chasing each other and constantly switching places. The music keeps building through out the song but leaves you hanging after only three minutes. It’s meant as a take on modern dating society; we line up one night stands and coffee dates one after the other and dive in headfirst expecting all of them to lead us to our one true love. It’s naive, desperate and maybe a little superficial.

All the songs on ‘Make Up’ revolve around the contrasts between what you want to show the world and what you want to hide away; what you want to do vs. what you actually do; what you say vs. how you really feel. In the lyrics Shy shy shy has examined these contrasts of their own personalities and open up about topics you preferably do not want to talk about. The result is a catchy synth-pop-album which with topics like jealousy, secrecy, wanderlust, loneliness and twosomeness reflects those emotions and experiences most people will have at some point. The often unison vocals are clear as a bell in a tidy and detailed arrangement which are made in collaboration with producer Rune Borup (Vinnie Who, I Got You On Tape and others.).

Since Astrid Cordes and Simon Kjeldgaard wrote their first song together in 2014, they have continuously delivered hearty melodious indie-pop tunes in a

nostalgic yet modern synthesizer universe. They have played numerous clubs and festivals in Denmark and abroad such as Roskilde Festival (DK) and MS

Dockville (DE), had massive airplay and released the acclaimed EP ‘Love Songs’ (2015) which was referred to as“Clean pop craftsmanship with charm and an essential sense of appeal…” by leading Danish newspaper “Politiken”.


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