Shy shy shy has recorded a beautiful live session for their new single ‘Someone Else’. Debut album ‘Make Up’ out March 2nd.

We recorded this session at our local public bath ‘Sjællandgade Bad’ in Copenhagen. We felt that being alone in a place constructed for many people would emphasize the loneliness of the song. It is shot in one take and recorded with a simple stereo mic set up. This means no editing, no manipulation and no cheating. Just Simon and me singing our song.” – Astrid Cordes, Shy shy shy

A big production is not always necessary to make a good song stand out. This stripped down duo version of ‘Shy shy shy’s ‘Someone Else’ is an excellent example of that and it reveals the true strength of the band; making unique and moving songs. With Astrid Cordes’ crystal clear voice respectfully supported by Simon Kjeldgaards guitar and backing vocals, Shy shy shy have transformed their latest single from a freewheeling straight forward pop song in to a truly moving and intimate affair.

Listen to the studio version here ->

Shy shy shy’s debut album ‘Make Up’ illustrates the contrasts between what you want to show the world and what you want to hide away; what you want to do vs. what you actually do; what you say vs. how you really feel. In the lyrics Shy shy shy has examined these contrasts of their own personalities and open up about topics you preferably do not want to talk about. The result is a catchy synth-pop-album which with topics like jealousy, secrecy, wanderlust, loneliness and twosomeness reflects those emotions and experiences most people will have at some point. The often unison vocals are clear as a bell in a tidy and detailed arrangement which are made in collaboration with producer Rune Borup (Vinnie Who, I Got You On Tape and others.).


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