SINNAH – Running Wild


The combination of a steady pop beat and a gentle but mischievous vocal performance make “Running Wild” the perfect candidate for a “mixed signals” playlist (yes, there is such a thing). Swedish singer/songwriter SINNAH’s new single depicts that oh-so-relatable, confusing stage of romance when you want to know if things are going beyond a simple “thrill of the chase”.

The sound has a Nordic touch that reminds you of Tove Styrke or Rebecca & Fiona. But with SINNAH’s unmistakable ability not to take herself too seriously, such a declaration of mixed emotions never leaves behind the catchy, upbeat melodies she’s become known for.

With “Running Wild”, we get to know a different side to SINNAH’s love stories, all while maintaining her classy no-drama attitude. While its predecessor “Angry Ex” had a tongue-in-cheek bubbly approach to breakup, her new single presents us with a more complex mix of emotions.


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