HQ Premiere: SKAA Releases New Single “Malibu” | @its_Skaa |

Following his hot single “Escape”, east coast lyricist, Skaa is back with a more mellow track for your soothing ears to vibe to.

Skaa carves a unique path of scathing lyricism and optimal talent on his melodic driven track, “Malibu.” His voice is as mellow as it is powerful, as he effortlessly rides the Black Mayo produced soundscape.  After one listen to “Malibu,” it is clear that his innate ability to transcend genres is a gift that cannot be taught. He’s not just a rapper, not exactly a singer, he is a multi-faceted emcee.

skaaHis rhythmic style and tempo is so evident as he recites the chorus, “…. had to tell em’ that I gotta go (gotta go).”  He’s consistent with his rhythm and that alone conveys the song forward. There is no languishing in the beat, every transition is without seams or effort. Beyond his phrasing skills, “Skaa,” makes his words stick with his passion; his technical proficiency highlights and obscures his pain, transgressions, and his need for success. And that my friends is talent.



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